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Equinox Project By Kara Mann


Canoe Place By Workstead


5th Ave Apartment By Handwerk Art and Design


“Our team at Meyer Davis made a seamless transition from using an outdated specs program to DesignSpec and could not be happier with the result. The DesignSpec team made it so easy to import all of our archived and current project specs, as well as all of our report styles and templates. It has made our spec writing process so much easier and faster!”

Christine Buckly

Meyer Davis

“As the size and scope of our firm’s projects have grown over the years, we reached a point where we really needed to maximize our efficiency utilizing a more streamlined method of spec writing. DesignSpec has saved us countless hours and helped us produce cohesive, customized spec packages with a higher level of accuracy.”

Jeremy Levitt

Founder, Parts and Labor Design

“Design Spec has been integral to creating the industry standard specifications for our projects. It is intuitive, user friendly, and I especially love that typical notes and instructions are baked into the program from the beginning. It truly helped our team save many hours of back-end work, and I am happy to have found a forward-thinking product that does not feel antiquated. They truly have thought of everything!”

Maggie Boggs


“We use DesignSpec in a really dynamic way, not just for spec writing but also as a strategy and planning tool at the beginning. The software allows us to incorporate specs into our original schematics for contractors, build catalogs for buying trips, and keep our overall creative vision and contributors aligned. It’s integral to our process.”

Leigh Salem

Post Company









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  • All the professional reports you need are at your fingertips.
  • Generate FF&E schedules and matrices.
  • Save settings for one-click report generation.
  • Customize our standard reports or design your own.

Streamline your team’s entire workflow

  • Generate budgets and purchase orders from specifications in seconds.
  • Integrate with Revit® from Autodesk
  • Integrate with QuickBooks®

Keep complex projects organized and accurate

Organize projects by areas, rooms, and floors.

Record quantities and let the platform handle the calculations.

Effortlessly manage project dates and revisions.

Safely access from anywhere using our secure cloud storage.

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