When it's your design, every detail matters.
DesignSpec enables interior designers to specify every detail of a design concept with speed and accuracy.
Meet the industry leading platform that streamlines the most demanding design projects.
Instantly Create
Beautiful Specbooks
All the reports you need are at your fingertips, with settings easily saved for one-click report generation.

Customize our standard reports, or get creative and design your own spec pages from scratch to meet your firm’s standards.
Write specifications
online, from anywhere.
Capture every nuance of your design
in one place.
Our industry standard FF&E templates come ready to use, and easy to customize. Or simply create your own templates, so no detail gets missed.
  • Link Related Specifications
  • Upload tear sheets and images
  • Assign areas, floors and quantities
Keep complex projects organized and accurate.
Organize projects by areas, rooms and floors.
Record quantities and let the platform handle the calculations.
Effortlessly manage project dates and revisions.

Our platform tracks your edits automatically, so you can review past changes.
Safely access from anywhere.
Your projects are stored securely in the cloud for instant access from anywhere with a web browser and an internet connection.
Trusted by award winning hospitality design firms
"As the size and scope of our firm's projects have grown over the years, we reached a point where we really needed to maximize our efficiency utilizing a more streamlined method of spec writing.

DesignSpec has saved us countless hours and helped us produce cohesive, customized spec packages with a higher level of accuracy."
- Jeremy Levitt,
Co-founder, Parts and Labor Design
"DesignSpec is much more user friendly and intuitive than the software I previously used, and has loads of handy features for bigger hotel jobs."
- Bonnie Hopp,
Kara Mann, Chicago
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