Partner & Affiliate Programs

Our Partner and Affiliate programs are designed to build a larger community around interior design technology, and to help business grow.

Solutions Partners

Are you an IT or managed service provider or consultant that works with interior design, architecture or procurement firms? Join our Solutions Partner Program and grow your client base and your sales.

As the leading specification writing platform used by award winning design and architecture firms, DesignSpec presents a unique opportunity for you to distinguish your business and grow your sales.


  • Free to join
  • Revenue sharing
  • Get listed on our Partner Directory
  • Access to training and marketing resources
  • Offer special partner discounts to your customers
  • Expert support from our team

How does it work?

Here is an overview of the process:

  1. Fill out this short application online
  2. Your application will be reviewed and we’ll get back to you within 5 business days
  3. We may reach out with further questions about your business
  4. If your application is approved, you’ll be added to our online partner directory
  5. We’ll provide you with:
    • Training on the basics of the DesignSpec platform to become DesignSpec certified (as applicable) 
    • Marketing resources to help convey the benefits of our platform
  6. You start promoting our platform to your current and potential customers
    • Register your prospects with us as early on as possible
    • Educate prospects on the benefits of our platform
    • Let them know about the DesignSpec related services you provide to help them make the transition and manage their account (where applicable)
  7. For customers that show interest, connect them with our sales team for a demo
  8. If all goes well, the customer starts a DesignSpec subscription and you get paid!

Affiliates (Coming Soon)

Are you SaaS reviewer, content creator, influencer, or digital educator? Join our Affiliate program and earn commission from traffic you drive to our site, and new customer subscriptions started.

Integration Partners

We’re working with neighboring technology solutions providers to build a larger and more streamlined technology ecosystem for interior design and procurement professionals. We believe that every platform has it’s own unique value, and we want to empower design professional to choose what works best for them, knowing they can seamlessly and easily transfer their work to another platform, without having to worry about duplicate entry.

Our development team has decades of combined experience developing successful system integrations, and we’re eager to find new partners to build better combined technology solutions for design professionals.

Contact us at for more information on our Solutions Partner or Affiliate program.