Organized Spec Sheets
  • Generate beautiful, detailed, concise spec sheets for stakeholders.
  • Use our prebuilt report templates to generate full page specs, spec index reports, and more.
  • Filter specifications by area, revision date, spec type, to name a few.
  • Cover page and table of contents are included automatically.
  • Upload documents such as tear sheets and shop drawings to include in the spec book.
  • Export to PDF, Excel, and MS Word.
  • Save report settings for one-click report generation.
Customizable Reporting
  • Generate detailed reports in seconds.
  • Filter on areas, spec types, classifications, and more.
  • Customize the look of every report, and design your own reports from scratch.
  • Choose fonts, colors, spacing, alignment and more.
  • Create your own table-based reports from scratch, specifying columns, groupings, styling, and more. Export to Excel with one click.
  • Specify the default font for all reports.
  • Include optional cover page and table of contents on all reports.
Detailed Specifications
  • Define your own spec attributes, or use our industry standard spec templates.
  • Build composite specs by linking specs to one another.
  • Group specs into areas and separate delivery categories.
  • Upload images and documents to be included in your reports.
  • Specify project revision dates.
  • Specify quantity by area or simply total quantity.
  • View the complete change history of any spec.
    Revisions are automatically highlighted on reports (optional).
  • Specify designer approvals required.
  • Mark specs as hidden or removed to manage the different phases of your project.
Areas & Floors
  • Manage large hospitality projects with confidence.
  • Specify each floor of a hotel, and allocate room and area quantities per floor.
  • Specify room types, such as Guest Rooms or Offices.
  • Enter specification quantity per area and let DesignSpec calculate the rest.
  • Print Room Matrices and Floor Matrices tailored to your needs.
Web Clipping
  • Capture every detail of a product directly from the vendor website, faster than ever before.
  • Safely access your DesignSpec account with secure login, and choose which spec type to create.
  • Quickly grab the text, images and documents you need with a few simple clicks, no more manual copy and paste!
  • Create new specifications or update existing specs, and save them directly to your DesignSpec account.
  • Currently available for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Brave web browsers.
  • Manage your project budget from a single screen, spreadsheet style.
  • Add markup, taxes, allowances, and any type of costs such as shipping, procurement fees and more.
  • Enter costs individually per item or at the entire budget level.
  • Specify costs as fixed amounts or as a percentage of item or total budget.
  • Bulk edit multiple items at once to save repetitive data entry.
  • Instantly generate quotes and budget reports for your entire project or a particular area.
  • Instantly create detailed purchase orders directly from specifications.
  • Select from your list of contacts to automatically fill in different sections of the order.
  • Manage procurement settings and defaults at global level and per project, and decide how much detail to include.
  • Generate reports on purchase orders and items, filter on areas, spec types and more.
Shipment Tracking
  • Track quantities of purchase order items shipped and received.
  • Keep detailed shipment notes alongside a status summary that can be easily searched on.
  • Track full, split and partial shipments with ease.
  • View, search and update your project shipments from a single list.
  • Quickly drill down into shipment items without leaving the project Tracking screen.
  • Keep your shipments and purchase orders in sync with smart status update recommendations.
  • Instantly download your project tracking list to Excel or CSV, and generate PDF reports of item quantities ordered, shipped and received.
Integration with QuickBooks® (Beta)
  • Export Purchase Orders and Budgets directly to QuickBooks, no more double entry.
  • Automatically create new customers and vendors during export.
  • Configure your default settings for optimal efficiency.
Integration with Revit® (Beta)
  • Create specifications from product families in Revit, and sync any changes to spec quantities and attributes.
  • Choose which categories of product families and which attributes to export.
  • Your settings are automatically saved for future imports.
Spec Instructions
  • Pick from our library of industry standard spec instructions, or define your own.
  • Customize which spec types your instructions are added to by default.
  • Search and filter instructions by keyword.
Tailored Spec Templates
  • Take advantage of our industry standard spec templates.
  • Create your own spec types from scratch.
  • Specify defaults and required fields.
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