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A Year In Review & Gazing Into The Future Of DesignSpec

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Since 2018, our company has been dedicated to staying at the forefront of the design industry, collaborating closely with top-notch design professionals to ensure that our design software tools are precise, customizable, and indispensable for realizing design projects of all scales. In the past year, we listened to our design enthusiasts and rolled out some significant updates based on their valuable feedback. The DesignSpec team has an array of updates lined up for you in 2024, building upon our commitment to serving the design community.

In October 2023, DesignSpec introduced PRO Tier, marking one of our most substantial platform upgrades to date. This milestone underscores our progressive, responsive, and dependable approach to spec writing. In response to the needs of our users, we integrated advanced features such as the Spec Library, Revit Integration, and Slack Integration. These additions have empowered design professionals, streamlining their design process like never before. The success of the PRO Tier launch owes much to the insightful and candid feedback from our design community.

DS Collection Library Sneak Peak

Let’s delve into the exciting PRO Tier features:

  • Revit | Autodesk Add-In: Seamless integration with Revit software, enhancing your design software tools.
  • Slack Integration: Collaborate effortlessly with your team using this feature.
  • Reusable Spec Library with automatic sync functionality: Access and sync your spec library effortlessly across projects.
  • Multi-office/multi-contributor project permissions: Collaborate efficiently with various contributors across multiple offices.
  • Tracking projects’ progress with Spec Stages: Keep a keen eye on your project’s development.
  • Customizable Procurement Reports: Tailor your reports to your specific requirements.

We are thrilled to announce our plans for 2024, where we intend to incorporate essential design programs based on user feedback. These updates are poised to be a significant breakthrough for DesignSpec, transforming it into an all-encompassing solution for interior design professionals. Our crowning jewel will be the introduction of the DS Collection, enabling users to explore thousands of unique, high-quality products and seamlessly integrate them into their design projects. Additionally, we are committed to enhancing day-to-day workflow by introducing several crucial design apps.

Here’s a sneak peek of new DesignSpec software features on the horizon for 2024:

  • Product Catalog (DS Collection): A treasure trove of design possibilities at your fingertips.
  • Vendor Bidding: Streamline the procurement process with ease.
  • Vendor Invoicing & Payment Tracking: Keep your financials in check.
  • Designer Approval Submittal Tracking: Simplify the approval process.
  • Preview single spec page: Get a quick and detailed look at your specs.
  • Client Invoicing: Effortlessly manage client billing.

Throughout these exciting changes, our company remains unwavering in its commitment to providing design business software solutions that can be tailored to suit small projects while possessing the robustness to handle the most intricate commercial designs. With the DesignSpec subscription option, you will always have access to a range of plans tailored to your specific needs and project size. Our team is ecstatic about the platform’s advancements and the continued collaboration with both new and existing members of the design community.

Stay tuned for more updates, and let’s continue designing together!

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