Stone Canyon House

Where Serenity Meets Modern Life: Presenting Stone Canyon House


Recently, a long-time client of Handwerk Art and Design approached the team with the challenge of creating a sanctuary within his recently purchased mid-century home in Bel Air. He wanted a space where he could decompress and recharge while entertaining family and friends in an active living space. The Handwerk husband-and-wife team, Fiona Sanipelli and Gregor Bugel, eagerly took on the project and utilized the DesignSpec interior design software to bring this unique vision to life. Fiona, as a co-founder of DesignSpec, contributed her expertise to both the creative and technical aspects of shaping the modern yet serene look of Stone Canyon House.

The project was initially inspired by the idea of combining a surf shack with an organic farm but took on a more refined and elegant nature.” – Fiona Sanipelli

The project was initially inspired by the idea of combining a surf shack with an organic farm, but as it evolved, it took on a more refined and elegant nature. During the renovation process, the owner was committed to integrating the architectural history of the site to preserve its authenticity. The property is situated on three chaparral hillside acres in Bel Air and the design takes advantage of the serene surroundings to create spaces and host events for the family and their friends.

The Design Concept

The renovated mid-century steel frame home is now the perfect place for unwinding in the Japanese Hinoki dipping tub, immersing oneself in stories in the library inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House, and cooking delicious meals under the vintage Italian chandelier in the kitchen while discussing surrealist art and travel ventures. 

White oak is used as the primary material in the interior design to achieve an elegant yet inviting ambiance. You can find it in the curio cabinet where the kitchen meets the living room, the Handwerk custom stairs railing and dining table, the kitchen cabinetry, the library work desk, and bedroom nightstands. The design of the house is elevated by modern and vintage custom furniture and statement materials like Panda White Marble in the bathroom and blue mosaic tile in the spa area. Rare art pieces such as ancient Meso-American wooden sculptures in the living room or the antique rug from Mauritania in the bedroom highlight the owner’s unique taste and tell the story of his life adventures.

How Family Can Influence Design

The children of the owner had a great influence on the design of specific parts of the house. The spa area that features a dipping tub, a steam room, and a sauna was inspired by the youngest son’s love for water. The walls in the spa are cedar treated in the Shou Sugi ban burning practice. The secondary bedroom for the eldest daughter was designed with a playful approach, incorporating hidden storage behind some of the cabinets and nooks for displaying objects. The room stands out from the rest of the design with its lavender color palette, yet it fits perfectly into the general sophisticated feel of the house.

How Spec Writing Played A Role

“DesignSpec allowed us to quickly filter reports and send off specific spec packages to the builders while they were working. Rather than having to sift through our whole deck, we could easily provide a handful of information they needed right away” – Fiona Sanipelli

Stone Canyon House is an ideal home for a modern family that values both a peaceful and an active lifestyle. For the Handwerk team, DesignSpec was the best design specification program option for a variety of reasons; it saved them countless hours by utilizing their Spec Library to the fullest, as well as the Web Clipper. Both of these features really helped to streamline the process for this and other design projects. DesignSpec makes it easier for designers, general contractors, vendors, and manufacturers to contribute and create beautiful spaces like these. The Handwerk team worked with Taltech Construction, SafeSide Builders and SAS Metal Fabrication. 

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