Important information about the PRO Tier and beta features being released in October 2023

In October we’ll be releasing a robust new new pricing tier designed for firms that want to maximize their spec writing efficiency, particularly those with a high volume of projects or with several team members. Creating this new tier helps us to keep our very competitive pricing on our existing tiers, while allowing us to continue to develop the platform with more advanced features for those firms that need it.

Several new features that are currently in development will be released into PRO Tier (see our newsletter sent September 28th, 2023), and some of the existing private beta features you may already be using will also be in this new tier as they are now being fully released.

However, to be fair to our existing customers and to thank you for testing these out, you will continue to have access to most of these existing beta features, even without upgrading to PRO tier, if you currently have a subscription, or if you start a subscription by October 7th, 2023.


The following features are currently in beta free trial and will require upgrading your subscription to PRO tier to keep access to them, as indicated by the banner shown when using these features and per our previous newsletters:

  1. Revit Integration
  2. Spec Library


Upon the release this October, you will have the option to start a 30 day free trial of PRO Tier. This will allow you to keep using the features mentioned above for another 30 days, and allow you to try out the newly released features, so you can see all the benefits. You’ll see the button to start a free trial of PRO on any of the screens that contain these new features (including the Spec Library and Revit setup tab.)


There are other features that are currently in private beta that we’ve decided to include in PRO Tier, and the beta period for these features has now come to an end.

As a valued customer that’s been testing these out, you’ll continue to have access to them, even if you decide not to upgrade to PRO tier, but only if you start a subscription on or before October 7, 2023:

  1. Existing Multi office features
    • Setting up multiple offices
    • Assigning projects and vendor reps to different offices
    • Vendor rep auto-selection on specifications based on assigned office
  2. User permissions (not including the new project permissions)
  3. Advanced spec coding schemes

We’re grateful to everyone who has helped us improve our platform by testing out our beta features. Thank you for your continued support!

If you have any questions about the new PRO Tier please create a support ticket and we’ll get back to you right away.